Dos Republicas Coal Partnership (DRCP) is a Texas general partnership with two partners, each of which is a Texas corporation, both of which are owned by the Mexican company, Minera del Norte (MINOSA)

MINOSA has several mining operations in Mexico, mainly dedicated to the extraction of coal and iron ore. It also has operations in Israel that concentrate primarily on thet extraction of copper.

MINOSA, the principal investor of Dos Republicas Coal Partnership, is part of the Mexican steel giant Grupo Acerero del Norte which through its subsidiary AHMSA specializes in the production of flat steel products.

Although MINOSA has a very significant amount of mining experience,  MINOSA has decided to use an experienced US mining company to operate the Eagle Pass Mine.

Currently, Dos Republicas Coal Partnership is in the process of renewing and amending its surface mining permit with the Railroad Commission of Texas.

Several State and Federal agencies have oversight authority over the operation, such as: TCEQ, RCT, MSHA, USACE, OSM, FWS and EPA.